Academy Re-Enrollment

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment:

  1. All Students must pay for Tuition in advance.
  2. The Academy Organisers reserve the right to change the day and/or times of the lessons.
  3. There will be NO CREDIT or REFUND for classes not attended by the enrolled student.
  4. All Students agree to abide by the rules of the Academy and Tri Ice Sports.
  5. The Student or Parent/Guardian who accepts this form agree, that Tri Ice Sports and the Academy Organisers and Personal, are not responsible or liable for loss or damage to any personal property nor for any injury to any persons entering the Tri Ice Sports venue at any time.
  6. The Student or Parent/Guardian acknowledges that the the risks involved with the Academy are assumed by the Student or Parent/Guardian.
  7. All classes are conducted in English.