Pics from the last foam party

A smile is worth a 1000 words

Good friend of The Ice Rink, Robyn is a young girl that suffers from Cerebral palsy, which makes it very difficult for her to move her limbs, and especially her legs which means she uses a walker to aid her movement. Passing by the rink she would often ask her mom, Trish, if she would be able to skate. No better way to find out than to get on the ice and have a blast. The smile in these pictures says it all, and what a good time it was. Amazing to see a young person like Robin with so much positive energy and it was only about 20 minutes into the session before she was telling us to leave her alone, she could do it herself. Keep your eyes out, because I can guarantee you will see more of this little super star on the ice.

Happy happy young lady